A vector image of a burglar standing behind a large laptop computer. On the keyboard, a man in a business suit stands with a sword in one hand and a shield in the other. Behind him to the right are images of files and identification cards, symbolizing private data he is protecting from the robber.

The new controls playbook against cyber enabled vendor fraud

Vendor fraud isn’t new, but it’s becoming more sophisticated and successful. In recent incidents, fraudsters combined cyber and financial crime techniques to hijack, impersonate or manipulate their victims for personal gain. Data from PwC’s 2022 Global Economic Crime Survey shows that cybercrime was the most common and the most disruptive crime experienced by organizations over the past two years regardless of industry or revenue.

Two mobile phone face each other, one with a screen showing a man in a yellow shirt, the other showing a robber holding a face mask, pretending to be someone else.

How you can avoid fraud risks after a de-SPAC

Special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) made history last year, with over 600 SPACs raising more than US$145 billion in initial public offerings (IPOs). Over the past few years, SPACs have become a more popular method for private companies who want to go public fast by expediting the traditional IPO process, providing access to additional capital and reducing transaction costs.