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Case Study #1:

Optimizing Organic Traffic for a Fast-Scaling Information Security Risk Management Company

How Tech Talk Write helped transform a company’s inbound marketing operations in just six months. 

Case Study #1: The players.

Tech Talk Write

Tech Talk Write, a renowned cybersecurity copywriting service provider, has carved a niche in the industry with over three years of experience. Specializing in a diverse range of services–from SEO blogs and articles to thought leadership, website content, social media posts, case studies, and email campaigns–the company has provided valuable solutions to top cybersecurity and information security risk management companies across the globe.

Company A

A rapidly evolving company in the information security risk management sector, Company A has made significant strides in offering a state-of-the-art GRC platform. This platform empowers organizations to attain continuous risk visibility at scale, eliminating the complexities associated with manual processes and outdated software solutions. Operating initially in the higher education sector, Company A was on the verge of expanding its horizons to include financial services and government contracting. 

Case Study #1: The challenge.

As Company A set its sights on expansion, moving beyond its established niche in the higher education sector to new markets in financial services and government contracting, it faced a series of challenges that hindered its growth trajectory. These challenges were:

An Overwhelmed Marketing Department.

Staffed by a single employee, the marketing department created various inbound marketing materials. The workload was far too substantial for one person, leading to content that was produced in haste and didn’t fully resonate with its intended audience.

Underperforming and outdated content.

The company’s existing content was not ranking well on search engine results pages, limiting its organic reach and visibility among potential clients. The content was outdated and failed to accurately reflect the company’s current offerings, undermining the communication of its value proposition.

Need for updated landing pages.

In the early stages of redesigning its core product, Company A required fresh landing pages to reflect these changes. The current landing pages didn’t depict the enhanced capabilities of the new design, creating a gap in the portrayal of their product offerings.

These multi-faceted challenges had significant implications for Company A’s growth plans. It became increasingly clear that the company needed a robust, comprehensive solution to address these issues.

Case Study #1: The solution.

Recognizing the challenges faced by Company A, Tech Talk Write devised a multi-pronged strategy to help their client overcome their hurdles and meet their marketing objectives. The key elements of the strategy involved:

Staff augmentation.

To ease the burden on the client’s overworked single marketing employee, Tech Talk Write leveraged its expertise and resources to function as an extension of the client’s marketing department. This freed up the client’s marketing personnel to focus on other critical tasks while ensuring consistent production of high-quality content.

Content revamp.

Tech Talk Write undertook a comprehensive review and overhaul of the client’s existing content. The outdated content was replaced with up-to-date, engaging, and informative pieces. Each piece was designed to reflect the client’s current offerings and resonate with their expanding target audience across multiple sectors.

SEO optimization.

Using advanced SEO tools like Clearscope and SEO Surfer, Tech Talk Write optimized the client’s content for search engines. This was crucial in improving the client’s organic search ranking and visibility.

Diverse Content Types.

Tech Talk Write and the client collaboratively produced various materials over six months. These included one white paper, seven articles/blog posts, two customer stories, networking event content, two third-party publisher guest posts, and several landing pages.

Updated Landing Pages.

Recognizing the need for updated landing pages that reflected the redesigned GRC platform, Tech Talk Write created new pages that accurately showcased the product’s enhanced capabilities.

This comprehensive approach not only addressed the immediate challenges faced by Company A but also positioned them for sustained success as they ventured into new markets.

Case Study #1: The results.

The partnership between Company A and Tech Talk Write bore remarkable results, validating their strategic initiatives and collaborative efforts. Key achievements included:

Significant Increase in Organic Traffic.

Over the course of the partnership, Company A experienced a phenomenal 10x increase in organic traffic to their site. This was a direct outcome of the SEO optimization techniques employed by Tech Talk Write, which significantly improved the visibility of the company’s content in search engine results.

Improved Google Ranking.

Company A started ranking first on Google for multiple industry-specific topics due to the high-quality, SEO-optimized content and strategic keyword usage. This allowed the company to reach a larger audience and attract potential customers from its expanded target markets.

Up-to-Date and Engaging Content.

Tech Talk Write’s content overhaul ensured that Company A’s content was current, relevant, and engaging. This enhanced the company’s brand image and helped establish them as a thought leader in their field.

Accurate Representation of Product Capabilities.

The  newly designed landing pages accurately depicted the enhanced capabilities of Company A’s GRC product. This ensured that potential customers clearly understood the product’s features and benefits, contributing to increased interest and engagement.

Through its partnership with Tech Talk Write, Company A was not only able to overcome its immediate challenges but also experienced significant improvements in its online visibility and brand image.

Case Study #1: Conclusion.

The partnership between Company A and Tech Talk Write is a testament to the transformative potential of strategic content creation, SEO optimization, and a collaborative approach. Despite having a single marketing employee and facing considerable challenges with outdated content and an underperforming website, Company A redefined its marketing strategy and successfully expanded its reach into new markets.

In just six months, the company experienced a tenfold increase in organic website traffic and secured top Google rankings for multiple industry-specific topics. By bringing their content up-to-date and accurately showcasing the capabilities of their redesigned product, Company A effectively enhanced its brand image and established itself as a thought leader in the cybersecurity and information risk management industry.

This case study illustrates Tech Talk Write’s strength and capability to deliver high-quality, SEO-optimized content to drive growth and enable businesses to achieve their marketing objectives. 

If your organization is facing similar challenges or looking to enhance its digital footprint, Tech Talk Write is equipped and ready to help. Reach out to us today, and let’s embark on a journey to transform your content strategy and propel your business forward.

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