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Most organizations have a hard time creating engaging content for their brand. Without a full-time fully dedicated team, it can be difficult knowing where to begin. Subject matter experts and business leaders are full of great ideas, but the great thinkers at your company have better things to do than write.

That’s where we come in.

Why Tech Talk Write?

Great content always starts with an idea.


Cybersecurity and technology are complex topics most people don't fully understand.


We ask the right questions while experts do the talking and we write everything down.


Get easy-to-read content optimized to reach key decision-makers in your industry.

How does it work?

Here's how we typically work with clients.

When new clients reach out, we like to start with a get-to-know-you call to make sure our services align with your needs. We’ll typically do a little research about your company before we connect — we like to be prepared. During our call, we’ll ask lots of questions to make sure we understand what you’re looking for. Then, we both decide whether we want to work together

Some clients prefer starting with a test project, proposal or trial period, especially when we’re considering a long-term contract. We like to be flexible, so we’re more than happy to comply. But we will still ask you pay us for our time.

Once we agree on the terms, we’ll provide a contract for you to sign (and we’ll expect you to do the same). Depending on the details, our work is billed at an hourly rate or a project rate and we like to get paid on time. Both contracts should clearly outline our expectations as we embark on a professional relationship.

Our writing process is extensive and fully customizable depending on your needs. First we decide on the topic or direction for the project you have in mind. Some projects are clear from the beginning, but others may require additional research. We rely on subject matter experts for input and interviews to inform our stories, and reputable sources for evidence and data to back our claims.  Once we have enough information, we put everything together so it makes the most sense, and create an outline that will inform the rest of our writing process. Then we draft.  When we feel like it’s ready, we’ll send it your way.

Revising writing is perhaps the most important step of any writer’s process. Fresh eyes bring a fresh perspective, and the more sets of eyes the better. We truly value all types of input and feedback, and we’re used to working with a variety of stakeholders. Multiple rounds of revisions are to be expected, especially when there are many voices to navigate in a single narrative.

Hourly rate

Best for small projects with a clear direction.
$ 100
00 /hr.
  • One flat hourly rate for all our writing services.

Project rate

Best for big projects, long-term contracts, or repeating content.
  • One-time fee or agreed upon recurring payments.

Meet our one-woman show.

Mariah Brooks

Owner, CEO, Content Master

Mariah is an experienced cybersecurity and technology writer with a fresh perspective and a passion for storytelling. As the owner, sole operator, and only team member at Tech Talk Write, Mariah truly does it all.

“I’ve always loved writing, but my journey into the cyber realm began more recently. It all started with a brute force attack on my small business’s e-commerce website after it was featured on Good Morning America. As soon as I saw the first of many social media messages — “Hi, I saw you on GMA and I want to buy your products but I can’t access your website!” — my stomach dropped. In that moment of helplessness, I realized how important cybersecurity is, but how little most people know about it. So I decided to start learning as much about cybersecurity and technology as I could to help educate others and prevent them from experiencing the same misfortune. We will never know how many sales we missed out on, and our lack of preparedness still haunts me to this day.” 

Years later, Mariah is an accomplished cybersecurity and technology writer, working with some of the world’s leading businesses. 

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You bring the ideas, we'll bring them to life.

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