Mariah Brooks

Founder | Storyteller | SME whisperer

Mariah is a dedicated B2B cybersecurity copywriter who has been focusing on the latest trends in cybersecurity, infosec, and IT since 2020. She executes engaging content for a non-specialist audience, ensuring impeccable grammar, spelling, and clarity across various content types and styles. Valuing client feedback, Mariah is quick to incorporate revisions into her work.

As a freelance writer, Mariah is comfortable working independently or in a team setting. She possesses a solid understanding of SEO best practices and has a knack for translating complex data into comprehensible, modern copy. Her proficiency extends to developing a wide array of content, aimed at different audience personas, accomplished through thorough independent research, planning, and production. Keeping abreast with industry trends, Mariah consistently produces relevant and compelling content for her clients.

Being a business owner has equipped Mariah with skills to manage multiple priorities and tight deadlines. Known for her effective communication and meticulous management, she often collaborates with industry innovators and leaders. Mariah’s strong interpersonal skills and adaptable communication styles enable her to cater to a variety of stakeholders. Her self-motivated and driven approach, paired with her exceptional organizational skills, allows her to adeptly handle multiple projects and clients across various platforms.

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